jueves, 30 de abril de 2009

Cinema Bizarre interview with Jeffree Star (Part 3)

Strify en la revista Rockoon!

Lets get right to it...

Strify esta en la edicion de mayo de la revista Rokoon! y hay 4 paginas de Cinema Bizarre en la revista. Asi que si tenes la chance de conseguir la revista, hacelo!

Yo ame esa tapa (?)

Cinema Bizarre English EPK

Part 1 !

Part 2 !

Mensaje de Strify, 29/04/2009

TOYZ 2009.03 - The Time Flies.
Bonjour mes amis,

It feels like a lifetime since my last blog.

Sorry about that but on the road I just couldn't calm down.

The last weeks have been very good for us and a lot of stuff has happened.

Most of I think already know that we've been to the States.

Lady GaGa asked to us open her The Fame Ball Shows so we spontaneously left everything behind to grab that oppurtunity. We travelled from the West Coast to tha East Coast and opened every show expect the ones who are yet to come because they were postponed.

I really loved working there. We had dozens of interviews, many shows to play, met awesome people, found awesome fashion been glamy and glittery and there's more to come.

Lovesongs (They Kill Me) is now out on iTunes America and it's veeeeeery exciting. We are planing on a US album which will have another title and another tracklist and maybe even some extra stuff. It'll probably come out in June/July and it'll be glamorous! So you can expect mote concerts to come!

We returned to a week to Germany and were also very busy here. There will be a lot of stuff during the next weeks you'll get to see, read whatever! It's a bizarre invasion of our futuristic spaceship. Beware if you wanna play!

TOYZ is finally finished, we recorded a new song two weeks ago. Maybe you've already seen the cover somewhere around the web as well as the single cover of the first single My Obsession.

I told you in December about that song and the magic that's surrounding it. And now it's going to be the first single. Are you already obsessed? I'm sure some naughty of you already checked YouTube... but soon there will be the new video.

We're also already planning the WE'RE ALL TOYZ tour for Germany and Europe.

You can check the dates on the bandmyspace or cinemabizarre.com

It'll be awesome to play finally again in Germany!

Last week we had our own headlining shows in NYC and LA. I really think New York is the only city in the world where people aren't staring at me! I loved that and I hated that.

The LA show was insane and New York was the shit!

The time flies and you never know what happens next on your rollercoaster ride.

But now I'm enjoying my glamorous and trashy Berlin.

So many cities, so many stages but now I'm in the place I love the most.

In my bed having some lovely pineapple...


Jack E. Strify


PS: If you wanna be always up to date what's going on and if I don't post enough blogs for you, follow us on twitter.com/cinemabizarre

Strify !

Perdoon por no haber actualizado, pero es que la señorita Bar y yo nos encontrabamos en el recital de The Rasmus (LL
Ahora volvimos xD y ya nos ponemos a actualizar xD

miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

Visual Kei, Anime and Manga !


martes, 28 de abril de 2009

CB-Slide Show on Moblyng.com

Check out Cinema Bizarre featured on the homepage of Moblyng.com Moblyng

90 seconds of the track "Lovesongs (They Kill Me)" is up now. The track is located in the New, Featured, Rock, and Pop categories on the site. You can find also the graphic on the homepage by clicking the "slide shows" button. The site allows the users to take the 90 second clip and put it on their own slideshow.

Have a look here:

slide show

Mrs. Kitten

Más Cinema Bizarre Highline Ballroom 24-04-09!

Cinema Bizarre ((L

Yu y Kiro! ((L

Yu y Romeo! ((L

Más Kiro Highline Ballroom 24-04-09!

Más Strify Highline Ballroom 24-04-09!

Más Yu Highline Ballroom 24-04-09 !

lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

Cinema Bizarre At Buzznet !

No pueden ser tan perfectos ((L

Cinema Bizarre interview with Jeffree Star (Part 2)

Nueva foto de Shin !

Yu con nuevo arito

Al parecer Yu se agujereo again u.u xD

Romeo, Strify y Shin ((L

"They follow me, they follow me. ¡That´s creepy!"

XD Mori!!

Rom, Kiro y Yu ((L

Mori con esta pic ((L

Shin ((L

Me parece a mi o le falta una muela?? ...
Belleza innata de todas formas ((L

Kiro ((L

WTF ... Se erizo Kiro!! O.O

Yu and Kiro Highline Ballroom pics!

Cinema Bizarre Coming out of the Highline Ballroom !

domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Flashback Strify y Kiro

Amo esta foto ((L

Flashback Yu

Es la razon de mi existir este acosador de petizos marmolados (Naii me entiende u.u)


No se ve mucho de la cancion xD pero fue un video que me hizo muy feliz xD
Asi que lo comparto u.u xD

CB Message !

Acotacion 1: What the hell happened with Kiro´s hair ? O.o (en ingles sonaba mas dramatico xD)
Acotacion 2: "They follow me, that's creepy" la rompio como lo dijo xD

Romeo con Fans !

Romeo, ya esta, se gano todo mi amor xD

Kiro !

Ahi me gusta mas ¬¬ xD

Shin con fans !

Yu con fans y mas xD