jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

blog de yu: create yourself

after my kinda depressing note yesterday i felt like i should give you something kinda to cheer up.
So let me share some thoughts with you guys.

Since we made a break with CB (not a break up, a break, we wont be gone forever)
a lot of things happened. In CB we grew up fast on our own but in a life we werent used to before, we learned things but missed out other things, everything has its good and bad sides.
After all the happenings the last year and our decision to make a break, everything went kinda gloomy for me, even still with the plan of doing Rouge Morgue.
Im this kind of person who gives a lot of chances and puts a lot of trust into people, cause i would want the same for me in case.
But if you want something to be right, you gotta do it yourself!
This might sound like it, but im not criticizing anyone from RM, more myself to let it all happen too fast and without a leash for the beast.
Im here in Los Angeles, i have tons of plans for what i wanna do. Of course i miss Germany, my parents and my best dude To over there, but right now im here to create myself again.
Thats the point why i was thinking about a different name, to make a step ahead, not to throw away the past, more to work it.
I took the time and still take some to think over myself...what do i want...where to go...
Its important for everyone to do this to figure yourself out and not tangle in the end in the wrong net!
I wanna become more than i am right now, im feeling incomplete and young...well the young might be good but i feel like i gotta learn some more ;)
Theres too much "I" in these sentences right?
Aneways, im going to keep going on, im not supposed to stop or rest 'n rust now!
Keep up with me and i keep you guys updated :)
Im gonna be back for you guys as soon as i can, not only as a performer or musician - i will be back as an artist. Life changes you everyday, like the sand that grinds the stone and youre the directing wind. Destiny will always be your own choice, these are your stars to place, your feet will move into the direction you want them to, reach out with your hand for your life you deserve - dreams can come true ;)



(remarque lo de qe no se fueron para siempre, para qe no qeden dudas, :))

martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

traduccion del blog de yu: acerca de Rouge Morgue

Hola a todos, hoy tengo que anunciar algo que podría ser un poco perturbador para ustedes.

Después de mucho tiempo, después de que anunciamos la ruptura de Cinema Bizarre,
tratamos de hacer un nuevo trabajo llamado Rouge Morgue.
Escribimos algunas canciones agradables, pero nada fue hecho para que lo vean ustedes.
Fue un tiempo agradable, pero también muy difícil para todos los miembros.
No sólo cada uno tenía sus problemas, también cada uno tenía su propia dirección.
Después de hacerme un montón de preguntas he decidido a anunciarles a ustedes lo siguiente:
Rouge Morgue no va a hacer música con los miembros que ustedes conocen, por ahora esta un poco en un descanso.
Romeo y yo decidimos ir cada uno por caminos separados!
Por mi parte, todos ustedes saben que voy a seguir adelante, voy a darles más noticias a ustedes lo antes posible.
Nosotros nunca quisimos decepcionaros con esto, es sólo, si estas bailando un sueño, asegurarse de que cada uno tenga el mismo.
Tan lejos de mí, siguan conmigo para saber que voy a hacer..



nuevo blog de yu!

Hey everyone, today i need to announce something that might be a little upsetting for you.

After a long time for now after we announced the break of Cinema Bizarre,
we tried to make a new Band work called Rouge Morgue.
We wrote some nice songs but nothing was done for now to be showed to you guys.
It was a nice time, but also a very difficult one for all of our members.
Not only each one had their problems, also each one had their own direction.
After making myself a lot of thoughts i decided to announce this to you guys that:
Rouge Morgue is not going to make music with the members that you know, for now were kind of on a break.
Romeo and I decided each one to go seperate ways!
For my own part, you all know that i will keep on going, i will get you more news about this as soon as possible.
We never meant to disappoint you guys with this, its just, if youre dancing a dream, make sure each one has the same.
So far from me, keep up with me to know what im going to do.



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pido disculpas por tener la web tan abandonada u_u
en cuanto podamos vamos a seguir subiendo cosas, no prometemos qe sea tan seguido (: