sábado, 13 de noviembre de 2010

Bravo, entrevista con Strify!

Calm, just calm!

- Hi, Strify! How are you?
- Hello! All is well.
I am sitting now in his apartment in Berlin. It consists of only one room, which is very similar to the cabinet (laughs). There's a lot of rod for clothes, all flooded with shoes, jewelry, gloves, etc. In short, all that is possible to fasten themselves. I also have here a synthesizer and a computer. That's all I need.

- What are you doing?
- I sit, just for the fun of writing some tracks, play music, so to speak ... I can not live without music. In Paris, recording his solo album with a French DJ. Went to rest in Japan. And by the way, again going to come with DJ Seth to Russia in February 2011! I am a perfectionist and is already starting to prepare.

- What is your mood today?
- OK! Well, I'm generally a quiet man. If you started a black bar, setbacks, it's like someone puts a stick in the wheel, I'm just this humble and wait for the light stripes. For example, I immediately broke down synthesizer, and the same day, stole a bicycle. So I said to myself, "So, soon there would be some good luck!" And really - after a week I was invited to play in Moscow! I was delighted. But I know that will make me completely happy - my pug! When I was your will, I will love him more than anyone in the world and give him a simple nickname - Pug.

- How are the other guys from Cinema Bizarre? With whom are you still hang out?
- Of course! Really miss the days when we were a band! The boys often come to me, we drink tea and listen to new music, because we still live in the same city - in Berlin. By the way, often listening to Lady GaGa - it is a cool girl and a musician!
- What do you think your Russian fans?
- I look forward to meeting you! I apologize if forcing you to wait so long till next year. I need time to properly prepare for everything.

Apenas pueda se traduce :)

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